"Philanthropy is much more than charity – it’s a profound commitment to understanding the needs of society, and then rolling up your sleeves to help get it done."

Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute

Current Areas of Focus


Advancing medical solutions

Strengthening public health systems

Building robust education models

Protecting environmental assets

Closing the 21st century skills gap


The Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) believes philanthropy has the opportunity and obligation to take on big risks to test bold ideas. We conduct deep due diligence across a range of issue areas, promote creative and well-informed giving
strategies, and advise families and foundations on where and how to channel their philanthropy to maximize a return on their investment.

Milken Global Conference 2018

Philanthropy in Transition: Better Ways to Do Good

A Conversation with Jane Goodall

Alzheimer's Disease: Rewriting the Playbook

Breakthroughs in Philanthropy: Game-Changers in Social Impact

Tackling Our Mental Health Crisis by Elevating the Patient’s Voice

Our newest blog highlights how CSP is addressing the mental health crisis: we are asking the very people who are the most expert — those living with mental illness.

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Giving Smarter Guide

In this Giving Smarter Guide, we outline the key barriers to progress within the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) field and identify areas where philanthropic capital can be leveraged to generate an outsized impact.

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