Each Advisory Service project is personalized to the needs of our partners. We offer a range of services that empower philanthropists with actionable information to make impactful philanthropic investment research. Follow the path and download the PDF.


What is the ambitious change I passionately want to see in this world? Does my philanthropy, energy and insights align with my cause? Do I have a community of peers and experts to learn form?

Our Advisory Service can help you jump-start, refresh or hone your giving. We act in days or weeks, not years to:

  1. Assess your current giving portfolio against your goals and interests
  2. Develop a strategic philanthropic vision aligned with your legacy
  3. Connect with like-minded philanthropists via the Milken Institute's Chairman Circle


What are the root causes of the problem, and what's holding back progress? Who are the key players, influencers and decision-makers that I need to know about? What are the unique opportunities for philanthropic investment to catalyze change?

Our Advisory Service can help you set a strategy. We deploy an expert team to:

  1. Conduct due diligence to understand unmet needs and roadblocks to progress
  2. Create advisory boards of leading subject matter experts to inform your strategy
  3. Evaluate existing organizations to understand best practices and performance gaps
  4. Find non-intuitive but innovative solutions
  5. Develop de novo programs with business plans, financials and roadmaps


How can I best manage the risk to my philanthropic investment? Who are the bold innovators whose work is high-risk but potentially high-reward? What is the best way to structure my gift to ensure the funding is used most effectively? Is an outright gift the right vehicle, or should I consider making a social impact investment?

Our Advisory Service can help you to make effective decisions. Our team is poised to:

  1. Administer a trusted, expert-informed review process to vet and prioritize funding opportunities
  2. Inform the terms and conditions of grant agreements with universities, particularly for medical research, based on FasterCures' in-depth intellectual property work
  3. Develop impact investment options as alternate financing strategies in partnership with the Milken Institute's innovative finance team


How do I know if my gift made a difference? Did the team make the progress is should have? How do I know when I should stop funding a program?

Our Advisory Service can help you measure progress and impact. We work with you to implement an evaluation mechanism that reflects what matters most to you.

  1. Develop meaningful milestones that reflect near- and long-term objectives
  2. Conduct site visits with grantees and demystify progress reports
  3. Institute evaluation systems to compare real-time progress against goals and benchmarks
  4. Measure aggregate, long-term impact of a philanthropy portfolio