The FasterCures Philanthropy Advisory Service (PAS) acts within days or weeks—not years—to enable donors to evaluate giving decisions and build a high-impact medical philanthropy portfolio. PAS has catalyzed research efforts and expanded funding for nearly a dozen diseases. Key accomplishments include:

Incubated a nonprofit foundation that is now the largest private funder of melanoma research

In 2007, the FasterCures PAS strategy helped to launch the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA), which now funds more than 147 transformative research projects. FasterCures was involved from the start, organizing the first “state of research” meeting, managing the initial grant process, and building the organizational infrastructure. FasterCures instilled venture philanthropy best practices that are helping MRA fast-track research, including accelerated funding cycles, team science, and greater focus on cross-sector collaboration.

Fostered philanthropic investment in cancer immunotherapy research that advanced therapeutic options for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)

PAS convened an advisory council of neuro-oncology experts to guide a philanthropist seeking to better understand and invest in GBM research. As a result, the donor invested in a small but transformative portfolio of cancer immunotherapy projects that led to a new clinical trial, a research partnership with a major pharmaceutical company, and the identification of a novel mutation in GBM tumors that may be therapeutically actionable.

Identified high-impact opportunities that promise to expand near-term clinical options for Alzheimer’s patients

In 2015, PAS developed the Giving Smarter Program for Alzheimer’s disease. This effort provides a thorough and unbiased assessment of current research, unmet medical needs, and scientific opportunities. With a world-renowned scientific brain trust at the helm, PAS provides an objective means to leverage philanthropic capital to spur progress against Alzheimer’s disease.