Established in 2015, The Center for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) is one of eight centers of the Milken Institute, a non-profit, nonpartisan think tank determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health.

The flagship program of the Center, the Philanthropy Advisory Service, enables donors to evaluate giving decisions and build a high-impact philanthropy portfolio to strategically address key social challenges such as education, public health, and medical research.

The Philanthropy Advisory Service was previously a program of FasterCures, the Milken Institute’s center for accelerating medical research, and has a large portfolio of engagements related to medical research.

“In the past few years, we’ve seen an increased demand for our advisory services, tools and donor forums across a broad range of issues,” said Melissa Stevens, executive director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy. “This new center ensures that innovation used to address one social issue is translated to another.”

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