Improving the return on philanthropic investment by facilitating smarter giving decisions.

The Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy works to maximize return on philanthropic investment by ensuring that innovation used to address one social issue is translated to another, best practices and metrics guide new and existing giving programs, and resources are invested to optimize outcomes.

Through comprehensive due diligence and deep engagement with experts, the Center for Strategic Philanthropy helps philanthropists, family offices, wealth advisors, and foundations take a more entrepreneurial, data-driven approach to giving. Learn more about our programs and how to engage with the Milken Institute's work in philanthropy.



Philanthropy has the opportunity and obligation to take on big risks and test bold ideas.

Philanthropy Advisory Service

The Philanthropy Advisory Service (PAS) counsels philanthropists, family offices, wealth advisors, and foundations seeking to make transformative philanthropic investments.

We provide comprehensive, digestible information that helps philanthropists evaluate research efforts and funding opportunities in various disease areas. Expert advisory boards, in-depth due diligence, and an objective framework for evaluation shape our analysis.

Each PAS project is personalized to the needs of our partners. We offer a range of services that empower philanthropists with the actionable information to make impactful philanthropic investment research. Learn more.

Family Program

The Milken Institute Family Program convenes family principals from around the world to connect on critical issues such as: transferring wealth through generations; teaching children about money, privilege and responsibility; keeping the family together; philanthropic strategies throughout the family; and more. Discussions led by Richard Ditizio, President and Chief Operating Officer of the Milken Institute and former head of Citi’s U.S. Private Bank are held annually at the Global Conference and at select events throughout the year.

The Chairman’s Circle

The Chairman’s Circle is an affinity network of key philanthropists designed to spur real-time sharing of experiences and insights. This network ensures that:

■ innovation in one area is translated to another,

■ new and existing efforts are shaped by best practices, and

■ resources are invested to optimize outcomes.