Improving the return on philanthropic investment by facilitating smarter giving decisions.

The Milken Institute Center for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) believes philanthropy has the opportunity and obligation to take on big risks to test bold ideas. We conduct deep due diligence across a range of issue areas, promote creative and well-informed giving
strategies, and advise families and foundations on where and how to channel their philanthropy to maximize a return on their investment.

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Direct Advising

Our advisory services provide actionable information to evaluate funding opportunities and execute a giving strategy. Expert advisory boards, in-depth due diligence, and objective evaluation shape our analysis.

Analysis and Insights


Our toolkit of resources provides open access, evidence-based, tactical guidance to help philanthropists through a variety of general giving processes and key considerations.

Peer Learning Communities

Our engagement opportunities connect philanthropists to nontraditional allies and collaborators, strategies, and tools that can help them to implement strategic philanthropy practices.

Family Program

The Chairman’s Circle

Innovative Giving Structures

We design innovative financing mechanisms that leverage philanthropic investment to provide more sustainable funding streams for solutions.